ACE 2004

Affective Computational Entities

Chairs: Rodrigo Ventura, Carlos Pinto-Ferreira, Paolo Petta

at the 17th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research
(EMCSR 2004)

April 13th, 2004, Vienna, Austria (EU)


Introduction and Scope

The 17th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research will be hosting the ACE symposium for the third time, after ACE 2000, and ACE 2002. Since the emergence of emotions as a research area pursued within the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) community, the validity and viability of inspiration based on views on emotions from biology, neuroscience, or psychology has been a controversial topic. But along with this dispute, valid work has been published on a variety of related topics, at levels ranging from experimental testbeds and applications, to theories and architectures.

Within the emotion-inspired research in A.I., two directions of research can be distinguished: one concerning emotional aspects in communicating with or modeling of humans (and other natural beings); and another one concerning the contributions of emotional aspects to agent architectures at the micro — i.e., individual agent — and macro — i.e., mult-agent — levels. The 2004 edition of the ACE symposium addresses the latter research direction of emotions in the context of A.I.: the construction of agents and agent societies, taking inspiration from natural emotion phenomena.

Therefore, contributions addressing, but not limited to, the following issues are welcome:

Of particular relevance to the symposium is work that evaluates and analyses successes and failures of emotion-inspired components of agents or multi-agent systems, presents novel emotion-inspired functionalities, or critically assesses theoretical requirements for emotion-inspired architectures.

As for all EMCSR symposia, accepted contributions will be included in the conference proceedings distributed at the conference.


Session Chairs:

Rodrigo Ventura yoda (at)
Carlos Pinto-Ferreira   cpf (at)
Paolo Petta paolo (at)

Programme Committee

Accepted Papers

The following papers were accepted for publication in the EMCSR 2004 conferences proceedings, as well as for oral presentation at the conference:


Tuesday, April 13
13:50-14:00 Carlos Pinto-Ferreira, R. Ventura, P.Petta Welcome & Introduction
14:00-15:30 ACE: Models
Matthias Scheutz A Framework for Evaluating Affective Control
Luís Morgado, Graça Gaspar A Generic Agent Model Allowing a Continuous Characterization of Emotion
Luis Botelho, Pedro Ramos, Pedro Figueiredo Emotion Eliciting in Salt & Pepper
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-18:00 ACE: Applications
Rieks op den Akker, Dirk Heylen, Anton Nijholt, Mannes Poel Emotion based Agent Architectures for Tutoring System
Sreekanth Nemani, Vicki Allan MATES: A Conversational Agent System
Shogo Nishida Automatic Choreography Synthesis Harmonized with Music
Discussion and wrap-up
Presentation format: 25min oral presentation + 5min question/discussion

Further Information

For information about paper formatting, registration, and accommodation, see the EMCSR 2004 Web site

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